Formerly named Paper, Sitting on Stacy, is a Southern California based rock/ska/alternative band formed in 2014. With members Hoyt Yeatman, Jeff Demorest and Kyle Hart, Sitting on Stacy has performed at numerous venues in the Ventura County, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas.

They released their first full-length album entitled Obsessed (2017) which they recorded at their home. Sitting on Stacy is known for their high-energy performances.

Where it all began:

Hoyt, Jeff, and Kyle grew up in Ventura County.  They all attended a local rock music school but didn’t know each other until after they had left. One night Hoyt saw Jeff playing drums wearing a woman’s dress and lipstick. After that, Hoyt  knew that Jeff had to be in his band.  He asked Jeff to jam a couple days after and they instantly formed the band Paper. Hoyt and Jeff started playing shows together with a couple different bass players but didn’t meet Kyle until 2015. Kyle played in a different band at the time.  Kyle joined Paper and they had success winning numerous Battle of the Band competitions and opening for Puddle of Mudd, Unwritten Law, and Smash Mouth.

The name Paper got really old really fast.  They eventually changed their name to Sitting On Stacy. (Please don’t ask how they came up with the name, you don’t want to know). They recorded their first full-length album at their home studio. It is titled Obsessed and is now on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.  They also have numerous music videos out on youtube that the band has shot and directed by themselves.

Where they are now:

Sitting on Stacy resides in the San Diego and Ventura County areas. Hoyt Yeatman and Jeff Demorest currently live together in San Diego where they practice and write music. Their new album Obsessed was released April 1st, 2017 and they are currently recording new songs for release in the near future.